Agricultural Crop-Packaging

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Ernteverpackung Ballensilage Silagestretchfolie Rundballenwickelnetz Netzersatzfolien Maisverpackung

Top quality film for bale silage

Agra-stretch was the first silage stretch film ever to be produced in Germany. agra stretch silage kartonLakufol has been producing Agra-Stretch since 1987 and ever since it has been used for successful crop-packaging all over Europe.

Our consequent technical development of the product made it the highly acknowledged premium stretch-film it is today.

Unique Glue-Coating for best properties

The unique characteristic of agra-stretch is the glue-coating-method that is exclusively applied by BSK Lakufol. The specially developed glue warrants best barrier properties and an absolutely even outside of the film. Agra-stretch is a multilayer blown film that traditionally provides best crop-packaging characteristics.

To achieve the best possible results please read our guidelines for the processing of silage stretch film thoroughly and follow the processing guidelines. The information is available to download here (PDF).

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